Master craftsman, artisan, and saddle
maker Donn Leson built his legacy without
compromise. For decades, his attention to
the finest detail, along with a true artist’s
vision has transformed each Leson saddle
into a masterpiece with undeniably
superior feel, comfort, and appeal. Upon
these merits, Donn Leson saddles are the
most sought-after custom performance
saddles in the world.

A Leson saddle has long been a benchmark, a prize to be
attained by those who understand and appreciate nothing
less than “The Very Best.” Leson Classic continues this
tradition of superiority in the performance arena.

Leson Classic is the new icon in performance
saddles. What was once attainable to only a
handful is now more widely available with the
same fit, finish, and feel you expect from
Donn Leson. Mr. Leson has spent countless hours
working with the craftsmen at Leson Classic,
imparting knowledge garnered through a half century
of tireless study. Leson Classic brings this
expertise to life through the hands of highly
skilled artisans with only one goal: “The Very Best.”
Crafting superior saddles has been my passion in life. With my direction and expertise combined with Martin Saddlery’s ability to create precise quality, we have the unique opportunity to offer a world-class reining saddle to many who have previously been unable to own a saddle of this caliber.
Leson saddles have been chosen, riden and trusted by the best in performance. My saddles' long list of achievements stands in a class of its own:
  • 40 AQHA World Champions
  • 5 Snaffle Bit Futurity
  • 4 NRHA Futurity Champions
  • 4 NRHA European Futurity Champions
  • 1 NCHA Futurity Champion
Leson Classic
Kevin Howell, Specialist

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